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Innovation lies at the very core of what we do and how we build at Scion.

We believe that the scientific foundation and translational substrate on which we build our portfolio companies are among the most important determinants of their success. Scion Innovations helps us to ensure we build on only the strongest innovative bedrock, whether those innovations are externally sourced or internally conceived.

Scion Innovations serves as Scion’s incubation hub, harboring in-house R&D capabilities and operational resources required to breathe life into new companies.

Innovations works in partnership with the Scion investment team, academic founders and entrepreneurs to create and evaluate therapeutic molecules with the potential to become clinically transformational medicines.

Innovations is focused principally on design, discovery and development of protein therapeutics and other biologics and provides Scion and its partners with exceptional protein engineering capabilities.

Incubation hub
Design construction

Design, construction and optimization of high-quality monoclonal antibodies, multi-specific antibodies and other complex biologics


Capabilities to test biologic and oligonucleotide drug candidates

Protein expression

Protein expression and purification


In vitro biochemical and functional and in vivo characterization of candidates