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Building exceptional companies.
Creating transformational medicines.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to making medicines that cure or transform the clinical management of serious and life-threatening diseases.

We are Scion

Scion Life Sciences is a New York City-based life sciences venture capital firm dedicated to founding and building exceptional biotechnology companies that discover, develop and seek to commercialize clinically transformational or curative new medicines. We are a team of experienced innovators, company-builders and investors committed to meaningfully improving human health. We have no interest in the incremental and measure ourselves by the clinical impact of the companies we build and the therapies we create.

We found and build companies around compelling therapeutic innovations with manifest potential to achieve the clinical impact to which we aspire. Whether sourcing innovation externally from academic or industry partners or conceiving and gestating ideas internally, Scion plays an active role in the build-out of each portfolio company from inception and initial investment through to maturity.

We are patient. Our uncommon staying power enables us to invest in the therapeutic innovations and companies we believe in from conception, often as mere ideas on napkins, through to maturity as well-capitalized publicly traded enterprises engaged in late-stage clinical development or commercialization of important new medicines. But we also are pragmatic, disciplined and determined to focus our resources where we believe we can achieve the greatest clinical impact.